• Run Diffusae Setup.exe and follow instructions
  • You can also install the plugin manually

  • Run Diffusae Setup.pkg and follow instructions
  • You can also install the plugin manually

You will find the effect in After Effects, in the BSKL effects category.

  • In Diffusae, select your text layer as the "Prompt" parameter
  • Prompt Strength: closer to 0%, it will be more loyal to your input image. Closer to 100%, it will be more loyal to the prompt, ignoring the input image
  • Iterations: The more, the better quality, but over a certain threshold (around 40), you will not see major improvement.
  • Pro tip: When looking for a style or a seed, you can set the iterations to a lower value (5-10), it will render faster and still look like your final image rendered with more iterations.
  • Increasing the max size will increase the quality, but can exhaust your VRAM, depending on your GPU.
  • Pro tip: you can keyframe the source text of your text layer :)
  • You can review options and register in the Options panel (the blue link next to the effect's name)

The current version is available for Windows with Nvidia graphic cards. Mac with Apple Silicon chips support will be rolled out in June 2023.

We are yet to confirm the requirements (minimal RAM, CPU, VRAM required). You can use the trial to confirm it works with your GPU card

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No, Diffusae lets you render locally using your own GPU.

1 license will activate on two (2) computers, regardless of the OS.

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